The Red Carpet can be a scary place: tons of media, photographer's screaming, security checkpoints, fans everywhere - it can be overwhelming. In the middle of all this, you need to look your best, stylish, seem at ease, know how to pose, know how to behave, know what to say - and avoid all the common mistakes that so many people make on the carpet.

At the same time, it is frustrating for media when talent arrives on the carpet dressed poorly, not knowing how to pose, and - worst of all - messing with the carpet flow. The media wants sellable images, video and interviews. If you are not seen as "sellable," you've wated your time and the media's time.

This class is designed to teach talent what they need to do to become as asset on the carpet, which results in them getting more press coverage. It is a win-win for talent, press and PR. Thus the Hollywood Red Carpet School was created to help everyone get more of what they want and need out of red carpet events!