The Hollywood Red Carpet School consists of two parts:

1. A comprehensive course designed to teach you how to maximize your time on the red carpet. Subjects covered include how to get on red carpets, finding the right PR person, how to dress, how to pose, how to behave, how to deal with unexpected situations and how to avoid the mistakes that could haunt your career for years to come. The course includes audio-visual examples, live demonstrations, audience participation and may involve surprise guests!

2. A live red carpet, with lights and step-and-repeat, where you will get the chance to try out the new skills you have just learned. You will be photographed, given tips and critiques on your red carpet prowess, and you will be able to download 5 of your images from the class web site. Furthermore, the images from this red carpet will be sent out to major press outlets worldwide!

Celebrity images are for editorial use and in no way are meant to represent any endorsement of the HRCS